20 11 2008

I would just like to say that everytime i leave spencer murphys lectures on how all men are gay and that we also rule the world my mind feels like someone has turned it inside out. Mainly because some of the stuff i have learnt has changed my way of thinking. Sound!


Work to be done…

13 11 2008

– Start essay on Gender, Myths, Theorys etc (Need to find out what books i should be using)

– Reaserch, Storyboards, Shooting Scheduals, Call Sheets for Short Film.

– Start Powerpoint Presentation for Dragons Den Modual.

Initial Idea’s For “Space” Assignment…

11 11 2008

Main Assignment on “space”:
Idea 1:
Split screen two sides of Coventry the suburbs and inner city two people doing the same morning routine. Showing the difference in setting and space.
We would mainly be thinking about mise en scene and aim to show the large difference gap in location.  The two people will be of different social groups as well inner city side could be a wrongly named “hooded thug” and the outer city could be an “Indie” student.
Camera Work:
“CSI” style camerawork short shots, lots of close ups.
The audio side I would like to have perfected, as it would give the sequence a more professional and less student like film. I have a vision of a morning routine with crisp clear sounds for example a toothbrush scrubbing on the characters teeth. And the noise from a deodorant can. Each sound would have to be recorded separately on a high quality microphone and in the radio room so that we have sound cushioning.
I have always concentrated on camerawork in the past with all my short films, music videos, and promos. So this time I would like to concentrate on the other side. I think that if I could get the sound to a professional standard and the camerawork should fall in line as I have most experience with that area.

The Market Video…

11 11 2008

I have now finished my market project and im so glad that i dont have to go back to the market ever again. lol Here is the finished project.

Video –

Two TV Studio Based Programmes Analysed…

1 05 2009

I think this is the right place to submit this, looked on cuonline in the assignments bit and couldnt figure out how to submit. andy

Filming cancelled…

1 03 2009

well luke unfortunatly was not very well the other day so he was unable to film. So now i am hopeing to get it down on tuesday daytime. Not very happy at all to be honest. Whole project has been hassle from the start i have a great subject and a good plan but am constantly being restricted from puttin it into practice.

Filming tommorow

26 02 2009

I am filming tommorow for my coventry people piece i know im a bit late but i have reasons these are:

– I was on holiday when the skills set was done for the sony pdx10’s so i was unable to take my equipment out even though i had spent the whole week before hand organizing the structure of my 3min piece so i was fully prepared. Unfortunatly this made no diferance and according to the media loan shop staff i was “screwed” because the next avalible slot for a skill set was next tearm when the hand it date has long past and i will risk failing

– Futher more i am currently working on my own for this assignment as my group dissapered on the second day the assignment was introduced maybe they didnt like me or something i dont know but at the moment i have taken on the work load of 3 to 4 people but i am coping and have managed to get a significant amount the assignment done i am currently just waiting to film.

– I have had to ask a friend in the end to get the equipment out and film for me as i had no other choice lucky Luke Murphey has a proffesional attitude to this coarse and its assignments, and has no problems going out of his way to help other students to succeed.

Not much more to say…

Reading Week…

19 02 2009

So far reading week is going well its nice to have a little break and i have got all my pre production work ready to film tomo im looking forward to doing the interview with pat. Im just looking over my final interview questions at the moment but im hopeing to keep these as a basic because i want the interivew to be very informal and personal for pat. Speak soon Mr. Blog

(1min Slideshow) ‘Me Created By Me’…

5 02 2009

Me Created By Me… – this is the link for my slideshow Enjoy 😀

Sorting Stuff Out…

3 02 2009

Im currently trying to find the timetable for this term because i have no idea where im ment to be all the time i am also looking for the rest of my group for the coventry people project…im not a happy bunny…

John and Russel News Flash!

27 11 2008

For soime reason i thought it would be a good idea to collect all the recent newspapers that have information in about the resent saga with Johnathan ross and Russel Brand dont ask me why i just thought it might become usfull at a later date . lol